How We’ll Travel Again

Listen in on my conversations with the people who will lead travel through and beyond the COVID-19 crisis

I’ve started a podcast – which I know will interest some of you, and induce eyerolling from many others who just don’t do podcasts, or who can only enjoy the polished content from networks like Gimlet and Wondery. I understand! But I was having so many interesting conversations with smart people in travel, I decided to start recording and sharing. I hope that people find useful — feedback welcome.

Right now, How We’ll Travel Again is available via Pocket Cast , Spotify, and Stitcher, iTunes pending.

How We’ll Travel Again Episode 1: When Will Travelers Start to Dream, Plan and Book?

My first guest was Carroll Rheem, VP of research and analytics at Brand USA, an umbrella organization that markets the US for inbound travel, and supports the marketing efforts of states, cities, hotels, attractions and other stakeholders. I hope you enjoy the conversation – some of the highlights, with time stamps, below.

  • Why consumer surveys can’t predict when travel will resume right now (5:45)

  • How Chinese travelers will choose their first international destinations (7:55)

  • What the first post-COVID leisure trips will look like (12:10)

  •  Why travel marketers shouldn’t rush to communicate with travelers (15:40)

  • Thinking about upcoming trips logically and granularly (18:50)

  • The role of intermediaries (offline and online) in a post-COVID world (20:20)

  • Keeping travelers safe, mitigating spread on flights and in hotels  (24:12)


Carroll recommends Arrivalist’s Daily Travel Index, which tracks US drive trips state by state.

Maggie recommends the YouTube channel of Dr. John Campbell, with health and science information, as well as around-the-world roundups of spread, government actions, and unique challenges in select countries.