Travel activity providers are at risk. Here's something you can do about it.

Originally posted on LinkedIn March 18, 2020

Consider signing this petition to support the providers of tours and activities whose businesses are suddenly at significant risk of failure. Arival, which hosts events for in-destination activity providers, is calling on Google and Facebook to provide a little relief, by crediting the accounts of "operators, attractions, experience hosts, ground transfer providers, and all third-party resellers for advertising spend on their platforms for the period of January 15 to March 15 2020.”

Airlines and hotel companies have the lobbying power and the means to advocate for bailout packages. But the tours, activities, and attraction providers -- you know, the people responsible for the experiences you travel to have -- are overwhelmingly small businesses. They run on thin margins to share experiences and places they are passionate about. This fragmented but hugely important sector of travel is taking hard hits right now, similar to the bars and restaurants in your local communities.

A recent survey by Arival reveals one in four operators are at risk of failure within three months (a number I suspect has gone up since the survey was fielded March 9).

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